We provide hundreds of modern, beautiful and meaningful names depending on your requirement.


  • Bimsara  /  Biyanka
  • Chamal  /  Chamali
  • Chalana  /  Chathushka
  • Dinal  /  Dinali
  • Dasantha  /  Dinusha
  • Erik  /  Enasha
  • Gagan  /  Gayani
  • Gihan  /  Gihani
  • Hasun  /  Hasini
  • Heshan  /  Heshani
  • Imasha  /  Imalsha
  • Ishara  /  Iresha
  • Jehan  /  Jesika
  • Kasun  /  Kasunika
  • Laksara  /  Lathika
  • Lasitha  /  Lakshika
  • Manakal  /  Malki
  • Malaka  /  Melani
  • Nayantha  /  Nadeesha
  • Nuwanga  /  Nuwani
  • Omishka  /  Omaya
  • Pasan  /  Pawani
  • Pahan  /  Parami
  • Rayan  /  Randini
  • Ransilu  /  Ransi
  • Tashan  /  Tashanthi
  • Uditha  /  Udari
  • Example of a Sample Name :
    Udithya - Belonging To The Sun
    Ushana - Pleasant and Attractive


5 Main Qualities Should Include In a Name:

  • Meaningfulness
    A meaningful name creates favourable positive effect on a person. The name is pronounced millions of times in his or her life time by others. This creates and effection is made naturally according to the meaning of the name given country's inculcated culture normes and values. Therefore a name carries reflection of a person's personality too.
  • The Beauty Of An Accent Of Pronouncing A Name.
    The accent (The way in which the name is pronounced) reflects positive or some negative perception on name holder by reader/others.
  • Easyness To Pronounce And To Write.
    Good name should be with the qualities of easy to pronounce and to write. Specially when a name is written in English it should be easy and should be able to manage by using English letters to write a person's name correctly.
  • Suitability To The Prevailing society and present time.
    Name should be in modern in terms of tone (the accent of pronouncing) and should reflect the meaningfulness in it at the same time.
  • Name Should Reflect Whether The Name Holder Is He Or She.
    Clear identification of whether the name holder is male or female when just start to pronounce / read the name by reader/others is very important. This directly effect on the personality of the name holder.